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  1. Jan Lipski

    Hello! It’s 9:30 PM and all I hear is a clock ticking and an occasional back haul news feed and two news casts near the top of the hour. This has been going on all day and now it seems will continue all night. Just guessing but the automation is stuck and no one in charge is listening and there is no way to alert anyone. No telephone number, no email. I’m available to monitor your station and I’m 20 minutes away and can respond 24 hours a day. Call me . I’m a licensed FCC technician and hold a HAM General class license.

  2. 33Darcy

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  3. Anonymous

    Why the endless infantile public service announcements? Can you hire an adult that can step it up to sophomoric? If your listening base is educated adult men, maybe take that simple fact into consideration and not make adds directed at 6 year old children. Your other advertisers might get heard instead of us running to change the station when one of your PSAs come on to asult us. Maybe I need to send this to them instead

  4. Anonymous

    Changed the station on the clock radio alarm. No broadcast at 6AM…1440 going strong. new station for 2018.

  5. jerry l nash

    For two days now the station is not streaming. No e-mail and no phone. I had to go to iheartradio to get the Rush Limbaugh show.

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